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Creating wealth in the equity markets is a
combination of a disciplined approach with
the right investment advisor.

The stocks selected in the portfolio will broadly fall into at least two of the following three buckets:


a. Quality at a reasonable price: a screener that includes parameters on return ratios, debt position, and valuation.

b. Earnings momentum stocks: stocks whose quarterly revenue and earnings growth exceeds pre-defined criteria.

c. Significant Megatrends: stocks whose industries fall into a “sweet spot”.

✓  Portfolio pick from stocks in top 400 companies giving potential for higher returns

✓  Optimal portfolio size to generate high risk adjusted returns

✓  Resilient portfolio which help Low drawdown & fast recovery stocks to make portfolio robust

✓  Timely churn of stocks that don’t make the cut are clinically removed without emotions

✓  Dynamic rebalancing of stocks to keep portfolio growth steady.

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