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In a bull market, the NAV goes up.
In bear markets, the units you acquire goes up.
In the long run, combinations of both only creates good wealth.

Most investors understand the benefits of mutual funds. But due to unstructured and random collection of several good & bad funds, they end up having a mutual fund portfolio that goes nowhere. You can use the Fund Recommendations made in Mutual Fund Growth Portfolio to create a well-diversified, properly structured portfolio of reliable, proven and true-to-their-mandate mutual funds that can be invested in for the long term. And since you will get to know good funds as well as how much % to allocate between them, your problem of mutual fund selection and how much to invest in each fund is solved. Stable Model Mutual Funds gives you instant access to a ready-to-use list of reasonably good Equity as well as Debt Mutual Funds.

✓  Provide 2-3 Fund recommendation for each suitable MF categories.

✓  Fund recommendations will be for various relevant categories from both Equity & Debt Funds

✓  Also provide % Allocation suggestion for fund categories, i.e how much to allocate to each category, for 3 different investors type (conservative, moderate, aggressive)

✓  Provide quarterly reviews/ updates/ fund changes if required.

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