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How is AZ Capital better than other services?

AZ Capital is better on four fronts. Firstly, our recommendation & advice is data-driven & completely unbiased. Second, we will track & monitor your portfolio 24X7, so you don’t need to rely on any of your Bank Relationship Manager, financial advisor or any agent. It is like you hired us as your personal Portfolio Manager. Third, the experience you will have with AZ Capital will be unmatched. Finally, our fee structure is extremely low if you compare it with the charges, cost, commissions you pay indirectly to your financial advisor by buying a product with them.

How Does AZ Capital make money?

We Provide Unbiased Investment Advisory Services to clients. So, we work only for clients & are being paid only by clients as a fee. There will be no hidden commissions or sales incentives to influence us for the recommendations because we are not affiliated with any organization, mutual fund AMC, insurance companies. Hence you can peacefully rely & trust on us.

How does AZ Capital grow my money?

AZ Capital uses a combination of its team’s expertise in finance, data and research to make your money work for you. The core of our investment service is based on the principles of the Capital Asset Pricing Model, i.e., we ensure that you take the lowest risk for a given return target. We help you do that by a) enough diversification and b) continuous monitoring of your portfolio. In other words, we ensure that your eggs are placed in different and right baskets 24X7.


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