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Do you know that less than 5% of India’s population invests in Stock Market and Stock related products? And more than 99% of them are not able to create wealth due to losses and bad experiences with intermediaries?



To be India’s most trusted and client-centric investment advisory services provider, helping people achieve financial independence & financial well-being, grow & preserve wealth.

We are enablers in your quest for wealth generation through investment in equities & debt. We help you achieve long-term wealth goals, help to invest sensibly in achieve long term wealth goals, get their personal finances in order, invest profitably in stocks and more importantly, use common sense to achieve what we want in life.


It is our aspiration to help you find the medium-risk route to the maximum returns for your investments in the stock market. We provide investment advisory for long-term investors. For a nominal fee, we also provide advisory services on overall wealth allocation among various investment avenues. We provide assistance on selecting/ exiting mutual funds/ PMS services/ ULIPs etc.